Our Team

Becky 'The Wingman' Robertson

Business and qualification development
Becky is the main contact for venue and instructor communications.   She brings with her a huge wealth of knowledge and experience as she has been working in qualifications for the fitness industry for over 7 years.   Becky is a passionate Pilates matwork instructor and one of the first Air Control aerial pilates instructors.

Cristyn 'The Explorer' King

Venues & location researcher
Cristyn seeks out venues and locations around UK and beyond who are looking to implement our training courses.    We love her international and previous experience with events management.   Cristyn is also a passionate Pilates matwork instructor.

Bill 'The Physio' Taylor

Bill Taylor is a Physiotherapist - a specialist in pelvic rehabilitation and movement therapy.   He has worked closely with Pilates instructors for many years.     Taylor says “This is an exciting development in the field of Pilates. Debbie is a fantastic instructor and has developed a unique form of exercise combining traditional Pilates with her aerial skills. ".

Professional Riggers

We have team of highly experienced and qualified riggers available for hire for site visits, regular equipment checks and risk assessments.